OLAN Partners

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OLAN Partners is an investment fund based in Barcelona that targets both private and professional investors. It offers access to investments in Spanish property to suit all individual needs and constraints.

Founded in response to high demand from investors wishing to take advantage of the plunge in Spanish property prices, our goal is to support our clients in their investments in a depressed market that is now turning upwards, enabling them to achieve high profitability in the medium term.

In association with a network of professionals, business finders and market specialists, OLAN Partners relies on the best support to help achieve its mission. We offer technical management provided in close collaboration with :

  • One of the best-established architects in Barcelona
  • A well-known law firm specialising in property to oversee the legal aspects

OLAN Partners stands out from other management companies.
We offer different fund options, evolving according to two main criteria :

  • the type of yield expected
  • the term of the investment

For additional flexibility, we also offer tailored dedicated operations for investors with more specific projects in mind.

The trust our clients have placed in us over the last year enabled us to create our first investment fund, OLAN Opportunity, which we closed in March 2013.
This fund demonstrated the relevance of our work and our ability to find real opportunities in the Spanish market.

OLAN Partners' development and investment strategy remains a constant – finding old buildings or blocks of offices/apartments, usually close to being abandoned and no longer meeting modern standards.
We renovate them fully in a modern, upmarket style, optimising the distribution of the premises, and then we let them or sell them depending on the type of yield required.

Why invest with OLAN Partners ?

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  • Track record in central Barcelona.
  • Detailed knowledge of the market.
  • Strong presence in transactions within Barcelona.
  • Large network of estate agents.
  • Easy access to financing.